Sunday, 25 February 2007

The Beaver is Back and the Squid is Gone

Not all is doom and gloom my fellow cafe' members. A beaver was recently spotted in the Bronx River - New York city for the first time in 200 years. It is one small step for nature considering there were approximately 60 million beavers east of the Mississippi at one time before they all vanished.
The beaver named Jose' may have a short life span unfortunately once the crowds appear to view this 'novelty'.
On a sad note, the largest squid ever caught was reeled in by fishermen in Antarctic waters. It was approximately 33 feet long and weighed close to 1000 pounds. It was munching on a toothfish at the time it was caught (its last meal). Unfortunately, according to the fishermen, by the time it was brought to the surface it was almost dead. It is now being preserved for science and future generations (maybe Jose' the beaver will be on display beside it).

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creme brulee said...

i think we should rename animals with human names to see if we would then do them less harm.

For example, call squid MacPhersons.

"Do you want to go catch some MacPhersons?" a fishing captain might ask his crew.

Surely someone would say, "No way. I got cousins that are MacPhersons."