Monday, 26 February 2007

Death by Misadventure: The Screenplay - Part 1

I recently reread Tom Miller’s book Jack Ruby’s Kitchen Sink (Offbeat travels through America’s southwest) and now want to produce a short black and white movie based on true events described in the last 12 pages of the 6th chapter, Death by Misadventure.

I’m pretty excited about the whole project. I smell an Oscar. I smell millions of dollars. I smell the pleasure of signing autographs until my right hand falls off. I smell something from the kitchen. Gotta run.

Okay, I’m back and my tuna casserole is under control.

The movie is too. I’ve got the intro all worked out.

First, I’m going to save up a lot of money and pay 140 bucks for the use of the cartoon described in my earlier blog entitled I’m with Stupid.

The movie will begin with a blank screen and the crisp, clear sounds of B. B. King singin’ some heart-rending number like “I’ve Up and Lost Everythin’ for the Tenth Time Blues”, then the cartoon will slowly appear, a few pixels at a time (dramatic, eh?), and fully come into view just as B. B. belts out his last line – “Oh, I can’t, oh no I can’t, I’m tellin’ you right now that I can’t, you hear what I’m sayin’?…I can’t belieeeve that I’m sooooooooo stupid.”

Absolutely perfect so far, eh? No wonder the smell of Oscar is in the air!

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Hazel Nut said...

You are getting an awful lot of mileage out of Tuna ala King! I think I should be getting a byline now and then! Mother would be tickled to see how you are making "copy" out of her "casserole"!