Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Two Approaches - Same Message

Hazel-Nut and creme ... your thoughts on the environment are topical and certainly thought-provoking. Hazel-Nut ... the looming oil shortage has been debated for some time and may soon be upon us. Changing our ways and using common sense are easier said than done. We have had a lifetime of living with the benefits of the world's resources but actualizing the fact that they are finite requires sacrifice.
We use resources ... we are increasing in population ... we strive for an'improved' lifestyle ... Is it possible to change any of these otherwise our discussions are for not. Perhaps by using what has been provided for us in a wiser manner, limiting our population (a politician's dilemna) and changing the psyche of the world population ... we may have a chance. The odds seem long.
(I think Kirk Anderson's cartoon sums it up very well)
Creme, your proposed screenplay is a great metaphor for what I believe will eventually happen. Nature will rebound and thrive regardless of the destruction wrought upon it. It is here for the long haul ... we may not be!

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