Friday, 23 February 2007

The Nature Challenge

So I had a look at David Suzuki's website the other day to see what the Nature Challenge was all about and if there were any practical suggestions I could actually apply in my tiny little part of the world. Sometimes the environmental problems that we have caused seem overwhelming to the point of thinking that anything I could do wouldn't make any difference so why bother?
But today I was listening to a speaker at a PD session put on by my schoolboard; she quoted Mother Teresa: "None of us can do anything great, but we can all do small things with a great deal of love." I liked that thought, it made me feel that if everyone did something, no matter how small, but with the right spirit, together we could make a difference. So one thing I'm going to do is provide the link to Suzuki's website, and challenge everyone to have a look. Go to and read about the Nature Challenge yourself. I guarantee that you will find a "small thing" that you can do.

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